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  • Compassionate psychotherapy to ignite healing, creativity, and depth of connection

    Now offering on-line coaching and therapy to New York State, Connecticut and Washington DC residents 

    Let’s take things to the next level!

    You’ve been suffering for quite some time, and, quite frankly, you’re sick of it and you’re ready to grow!

    My name is Dr. Anat and I’d like you to invite you to either my NYC psychotherapy office located in Midtown or Telehealth portal for a different kind of conversation.

    I am licensed in New York, Connecticut and Washington DC and I work with two types of clients, offering both therapy and coaching:

    Individual Therapy:

    For adults suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, eating issues, dating issues, difficulty establishing a career or a romantic partnership, challenging life experiences, a break up, relationship conflict, or past trauma.  I apply a unique combination of interventions from the EMDR and AEDP arsenal to help you heal from old wounds and trauma.

    Parent Coaching:

    For parents who have lost a sense of joy and meaning in parenting who are struggling with their child’s behavior: bed time, eating, separation, potty training, homework, and many other behavioral challenges.  I empower you with a new set of parenting tools, as well help you heal from your own childhood wounds.

    Here are a few things you can expect:

    • A judgement free zone, where you can bring up anything! 
    • A new kind of conversation, one that’s designed to tap into your emotions.
    • An exploration of different channels of experience, drawing on all of your five senses and your imagination.
    • An initiation into a self-compassionate life. 
    • Access to an inner world of different parts of self, with which we will communicate.

    To read more about each of these domains go to the Individual Tele-Therapy page.

    Compassionate & Professional

    It’s time to make a change.  You will no longer be alone with your struggles- I will take them on with you. You can trust that I will treat you with respect, dignity and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards of care.  Book a free 15 minute consultation with me.  

    Let's connect online and get started!

    About Me

    I am a New York, Connecticut, and Washington DC state licensed clinical psychologist.  My style is interactive- I respond to you with my whole being, working to offer you a new experience of interaction that is meaningful and accepting of all of the different parts of yourself, even if they are objectionable to you.

    I draw on empirically validated tools such as CBT, EMDR, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), and mindfulness-based therapies, applying them within a psychodynamic frame as well as Jungian lens.

    For parenting coaching, I creatively apply Hand in Hand Parenting tools,while relying on my knowledge of child psychology and and attachment styles, the parent child relationship, and the way one’s childhood affects parenting.

    Finally, I also bring my experience in both meditation and the arts (music and painting) to my clinical work to deepen both creative and emotional expression”. 

    Letter to New Clients

    Dear New Client,

    Thank you for trusting me to guide you through the therapy process!  

    Your progress is of utmost importance to me.  Your thoughts, feelings, worries, dreams, and fantasies are now my preoccupation.  You are no longer holding those alone.  I am committed to seeing you through this process, understanding what ails you, and blazing a path towards a better life for you.    To read the full letter click here.