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    Spiritual Coaching

    Welcome to Spiritual Coaching!

    This is a service entirely different from therapy.  It is a time limited offering with a purpose of giving you two specific spiritual experiences and understandings:


    Symptom reduction is not the central goal here, and we are not working within a medical model.  I will not be giving you a diagnosis, and this service is NOT reimbursable.

    So what are these two experiences:

    LOSING YOURSELF refers to the experience of getting a little break from your mind, from all its narratives, and stories of self-identity and relationship drama.  When you put all of your usual habits of mind away, you are available to have a very different experience.  Meditation is a tool that greatly enhances this experience, though it is not necessary.  We will access the experience of Losing Yourself in other ways.  We will see what we discover, and whether we find the true essence of what is here.  

    Losing Yourself also involves identifying the voices in your head that sabotage you realizing your potential.  These are elaborate stories of NOT GOOD ENOUGH, or NOT SAFE or NOT TRUSTWORTHY.  It’s so important to see these and how they have been at the helm, dominating over you and steering your ship.  Once these are identified, we have a strategy to meet and quell these voices so that you can make choices from a more true and authentic place.

    At the same time, we explore FINDING YOURSELF.  Once you realize what you are NOT, you can begin to explore your true nature. In front of you is a majestic, loveable, worthy, and completely unique being with all of its quirks and preferences.  When you are able to observe without judgement, you will notice that this being’s body thrives under certain unique circumstances.  Let’s ask the questions together: what does your being like to eat? how does it like to spend time? What animals does it love? And so many more juicy and delightful questions that require only honesty, and curiosity and a readiness to let go of any false ideas that we’ve let into our systems.

    Join me in this delightful, profound, and transformative exploration!

    Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.