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    Therapy for Anxiety

    Is anxiety taking over your life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try? Have you already tried therapy but found it ineffective?

    How Can Therapy Help?

    I invite you to approach anxiety in a whole new way! When our bodies get anxious, it is time to get very curious about the trigger to our anxiety, rather than just fighting it. The first step is to accept our anxiety, let it happen, and investigate with a trusted other.

    Then, together we will understand your anxiety and what it might be signaling. Anxiety can give us loads of information about your situation. You might be anxious because you are perceiving danger in your situation. In which case, don’t worry, together we’ll look at whether there is actual danger or just perceived danger.

    More often than not, people get anxious because of perceived danger not actual danger. Often, the anxiety signals that dreaded feelings are trying to break into awareness. This is actually great news! Those feelings that you’re avoiding are exactly what we need to look at together. Left to your own devices, you will try to run away from those feelings. However, in the context of therapy and a safe, judgement-free space, it becomes possible to lean into those emotions, and understand ourselves better.

    Doing the work of having our emotions begins to lead to change.

    Join me to learn more about the “Change Triangle of Experience”, and learn how you can activate it to your advantage in order to overcome anxiety. Call or email me for information.