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    Therapy for Eating Disorders

    Do you feel a loss of control when you’re around food?

    Do you skip meals, or do you rigidly restrict your food intake?

    Are you consumed with thoughts about food, your body shape or your weight?

    Eating issues can show up in lots of different ways. Obsession with food and exercise may affect you ability to focus, your moods, and impact your performance at school, work, or in relationships. Food restriction and weight loss can even lead to cognitive impairment, hair loss, cardiovascular issues, and multiple organ failure.

    Please don’t continue to suffer alone- reach out for help if you are experiencing some of these struggles, and let yourself begin a journey towards recovery.

    Behind every person’s eating struggles is a story not yet told, and emotions not yet discovered or heard. With a licensed professional, you can begin to open up about all of the behaviors, concerns, and feelings that you’d been working hard to hide from others and maybe even from yourself. Opening up takes a lot of courage, but the rewards can be immense as well. You will begin to look at your struggles in a whole new light, and you will acquire new coping strategies to manage your life.

    Depending on the specifics of your struggles, we may need to get together a team of clinicians to help you towards recovery. A typical team consists of a therapist, a medical doctor, and a registered dietician. These providers collaborate to make sure that your eating disorder is addressed at all levels, nutritionally, psychologically, and medically.

    To find out more, please call me to schedule a 15 minute initial consultation.