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    Therapy for Relationship Issues

    Which of these describes your relationship predicament?:

    1) Are you dissatisfied with your romantic relationship?

    Do you often find yourself thinking, “why is this so hard?” Do you fall into a pattern of either complete self or other blame?Have you noticed that the same patterns show up in your relationships, even if the new relationship seems to start off on a different footing?

    Individual therapy is a great place to explore your contribution to the difficult dynamic that has emerged in your romantic relationship. Your partner will thank you for the work that you do, and your ability to take responsibility for your part.

    2) Have you gone through a difficult break up?

    Do you find that it’s difficult to get over your ex-partner? Are you ruminating over the reasons for the break up, unable to get out of an obsessive loop? Are you still confused about what led to the break up?

    In individual therapy, you are no longer alone- you will have the help of a compassionate listener who will help you figure out which thoughts or beliefs are leading to rumination, and impeding your ability to move on. Also, you’ll be able to begin the process of grieving or fully expressing anger in a constructive fashion, both necessary for the healthy emotional process of the difficult break up.

    3) Are you single and pining for a romantic relationship?

    Is it hard to understand why your friends are all in relationships but you’ve been single for a while; no romantic relationship pans out for you.

    You don’t have to contemplate such difficult questions on your own anymore. In therapy you can begin to explore some of your fears, doubts, and insecurities and with the help of a compassionate guide you can figure out some of the beliefs or emotions that are making it hard to find love.

    If you’re in any of the above situations, feel free to reach out for a 15 minute consultation to see if I can help you.